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I am a third year Media Production student and I'm about to graduate from the University of Lincoln. I have been taking single camera each year and making short films in my spare time for fun and...
Film Editor / Camera Operator - Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Matthew Weobley
I have worked for 6 weeks at the London Studios, with the camera team, sound team and lighting team on many productions including pre-recorded light entertainment shows such as Alan Carr Chatty Man, L...
Camera Operator / University - County of Kent, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Francois Fabre
Born in France, lived around Europe and the world including Turkey, Venezuela, Denmark, The Kingdom of Bahrain and Scotland
University / Film School - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
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A short film made in my second year of university.
Made 2010 - Colchester, England, United Kingdom
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A short film I made for my course the night before it was due, it had to be 2 minutes and ten seconds long
Made 2010 - Leeds, England, United Kingdom
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Assignment at university - collaborated with another student from Music Production for Media, I did the conversations and recorded most of the sound effects. All unrecorded sound effects were royalty ...
Made 2010 - London, England, United Kingdom

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