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Currently studying Media Arts at the University of Plymouth. An enthusiastic young film maker with an interest in creating music videos and short films with one eye on eventually directing feature fil...
Director - Plymouth, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Jemima Sinclair
*35 years old * From Edinburgh
Actor / Voice Actor - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Profile picture of AJ Harries
I am an ambitious young film maker. I seem to be always working against the grain and, thankfully, most of the time pull it off. I am currently a student at Bournemouth University and am using my educ...
Director / Actor - Bath, England, United Kingdom
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Following a year studying the Foundation Diploma in Media Production at Ravensbourne, I put together a showreel of some of my work. All footage, images and audio are either the own work of the indi...
Made 2010 - London, England, United Kingdom
Image of film tape
A-Level Project. A five minute documentary showing how differing genres of music may or may not gel when they are forced to play together in one room. We took a collection of artists and made them cr...
Made 2009 - Scunthorpe, England, United Kingdom
Image of film tape
A trailer for a short film I made with a group of friends on no budget as an experience before uni.
Made 2010 - London, England, United Kingdom

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